Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 22: Truth

{image via Etsy}

Sometimes you have these moments when you feel like life is breaking you with the burden of stress and unhappiness. You can't escape it so you start to place the blame, on others, on yourself. You feel you need to make major changes, "fix" things, to bring back your happiness, to hit refresh, start over, begin again. And then you find that the best way to bring you back to center, to bring you back to happiness, is also the simplest, talking. Putting words and a voice to your sense of frustration and sadness can be the most direct way to begin healing. Putting your fears and worries into words lessens the power they hold over you, breaks the unhealthy interior monologue that has held you captive. That's what I did today. I talked. And I had someone who listened and calmed me and brought me back to center, back to me.

Today I am grateful for the power we have to solve our problems by voicing our fears with honesty and authenticity. I am grateful that I have someone to talk to and someone who listens.

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