Monday, November 30, 2009

My Novel

Well, it is official and by putting it on this blog, I will be held accountable. I am finally putting pen to paper (actually fingers to keyboard) and writing a novel! It is a brand new story and I think I am in love with it! I have been working on one story off and on for about five years and I think my constant revisiting was thwarting any forward momentum.

I know that I am late on the National Novel Writing Month (November) but I think that the purpose of that month is that it shows us all that it doesn't take years to get something significant completed. You can start anywhere, anytime.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Beautiful Envelopes

One of my favorite sites is Creature Comforts and they brought these fantastic envelopes to my attention.

Holiday Postcards

I am always drawn to the personal, handwritten note, even more so when it comes time for the holidays. We are becoming more and more impersonal as we become more technologically advanced. I am still a sucker for the photo Christmas/Holiday cards, but I also like the handwritten note inside the card. Some people just sign their names, like they are signing a check. Or worse, they have their names printed on the cards. Some people even send a list to the printers, who print the cards, seal them, and apply postage. I want something more meaningful. Give me a quick update, a note to say "hi" and spread some holiday cheer. Maybe if we all slowed down a little and took the time to personalize our holiday cards, it would benefit our hearts and souls and bring joy to others, as well.

I am really loving the Holiday Postcard idea!
{photo courtesy of Rifle Paper Co.}


Anyone else ever dream of being a ballerina? I am thirty-years-old and still find myself hit by a tinge of sadness when I realize that I will never be a ballerina. The grace and elegance is inspiring. I think this is why women try to emulate a "ballerina look" on their wedding day.

{photo by anna wolf}

Book A Week

With the new year right around the corner and my reentry into the blogging world, I wanted to add a specific dimension to my site. I want to read a Book-A-Week and report back on it here. I am a book publicist, so reading is my job and I tend to get lost in my client's books and stop reading for my own enjoyment. I want to incorporate this Book-A-Week challenge into my site because I think it will not only be a great way to bring titles to readers' attention but it will also be a great place for me to record my own travels through the literary world and will hold me accountable to update the site with my particular books of choice.

Reading is a great escape and there isn't a person alive who doesn't need an escape from the trials and obstacles that life presents on a daily basis. I also like the exercise of writing about reading. I have an affinity for book clubs and reading is not only my escape but my passion. I have appeared on Oprah five times to talk about her book club. Now, with her show ending, and with it the Oprah Book Club, I need a new outlet to infuse my obsession with reading.

Not every book I pick will be deep and meaningful, some may be light, fluffy and, dare I say, "Chick Lit!" This is for pure enjoyment, which is what reading is meant to be and I do believe that no matter how trivial a book may seem, you always learn something. So every week at least one post will be part of the Book-A-Week project. I am already half way through this week's book...which I started this morning...and will let you know my thoughts later on in the week.

What I love most about this project is that it is really for no one else but me. But hopefully, along the way, it will inspire others to pick up a book and READ!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Urban Beautification

Look what a splash of color and polka dots can do for the city streets. This was installed by "anycoloryoulike" in 2008 on the streets of New York as a vivid art intervention for urban beautification and environmental awareness.

Literature Love

If you are looking for a gift for a book lover who already has every book she could ever want, you could always consider going an alternative route. Literature Jewelry! Apparently these books are actually usable and wearable!

Here is the description from the creator's Etsy shop:
My books are made using archival insides and antique outsides. Inside you'll find lineless strathmore drawing paper - thick, hand-torn, acid-free pages that work perfectly with ink, pens both thick and superfine, pencil, charcoal, and myriad other mediums. the pages are each hand sewn with archival linen binder's thread. The books' covers are made using hand-picked scraps and worn leather from wherever I can find them, cut to fit the appropriate size. The books can be carried daily and beat up. They are quite strong creatures.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Index Cards

I am always amazed and impressed by the talent I stumble upon on the internet. This site, Record the Day, shows us a new and inspiring way to use index cards to gather the daily bits of beauty we find during our journey. I just love this creative way to express yourself!

The New York Times Best Books of 2009

The New York Times has released it's list of the best books of 2009. Because no two reviewers are assigned the same books to review, they are all selecting from their own separate set of titles, which just means more suggestions to add to your Holiday Wish List!

{photo courtesy of Tony Cenicola/New York Times}

The History of Love

Even now, all possible feelings do not yet exist, there are still those that lie beyond our capacity and our imagination. From time to time, when a piece of music no one has ever written or a painting no one has ever painted, or something else impossible to predict, fathom or yet describe takes place, a new feeling enters the world. And then, for the millionth time in the history of feeling, the heart surges and absorbs the impact.
-Nicole Kraus

Realistic Fiction

"Good realistic fiction offers truth through imagination."-Nina Sankovitch

Nina Sankovitch, creator of the fascinating (and inspiring) website has written an interesting essay over on The Huffington Post about the power of fiction to inspire, educate and illuminate life.

The best books are the ones that do not follow a formula or try too hard to be a certain genre. When I read a book I know when I am being manipulated (messed with) and when I am being told a truth. The best stories present a truth about life in any way that the author finds best, even if it is in lies. An author has to be fearless in just not worrying about the verisimilitude of the story, or is it too romantic, too gross, too quiet or too loud. If the author feels the scene is a genuine, guts-out presentation of the ideas she wants to get across, she has to go with it, go for it, and give it to us. She cannot worry if her story will sell or tank completely (that's the agent's job). She has to write without fear of refusal.