Sunday, August 27, 2006

Does he worry?

This is what worries me. I read and hear about people’s lives and the relationships they lead. One recent blog chronicling the life of a 20-something girl had an entry about her new relationship.

“He keeps talking about how long it’s been. ‘Baby, I’m starting to worry about you. We’ve been dating for three months, and you’ve been depressed for two of them.’ He thinks it has something to do with him. Like I’m not happy, or the thrill has worn off. It’s neither. It’s everything else in my life, and I need more than one thing to make me happy.”

I find myself always asking if he is okay. If he is happy. If his life is going the way he had planned. I am supportive, I am comforting, I am loving. But then one day I start to notice that he never asks me these things. Does that mean he doesn’t care about my happiness? I have a tendency to internalize everything. I take on everyone’s problems, I worry about everyone I love and I always want to make everyone happy. But I need to feel that back. This isn't about wanting to be the center of attention. That's a joke, a bad one. It's about needing to get love and respect from those who have my heart. My family worries about me even when there is no reason and something about that is comforting. It's about someone having your back. They think about me and want to make sure I'm happy. Does he? This is a big deal. A big question. Something that worries me. Does he worry about me?

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