Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Big Brother

Confession: I love Big Brother.

And not just this particular season, which is spectacular, I might add, but every season since its inception seven years ago. I know, I know. I’m a reality tv junkie and I’m really not ashamed of this fact. However, now I am pulling innocent people into my obsession, namely my mom. For the longest time, my mom was totally against reality television. She could not see what I found enjoyable about watching people act stupid and make fools of themselves on national tv. She rolled her eyes at The Real World, laughed at America’s Next Top Model and sighed deeply when she saw the women of The Bachelor making desperate actions to win the affection of a man. All completely justified reactions to reality tv and the morally challenged contestants that make up many of the shows. But somewhere in the middle all of her criticism, she found a little show called Big Brother. And now she is hooked! Do I feel guilty about turning a smart, educated, reasonable woman into a reality tv junkie? A little. Am I thrilled to have someone watch this trash with me? ABSOLUTELY!

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