Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hidden Treasures

Underground restaurants are becoming word-of-mouth hot spots.

No signs, no Zagat ratings and no codes to meet, underground restaurants are becoming modern day speakeasies for food lovers. They are hot spots that can only be found through word-of-mouth buzz and can only be accessed by invitation.

The idea of an unlicensed restaurant can leave many people running to the nearest T.G.I.Fridays, but for the more adventurous diners, a hidden restaurant can make their palates tingle. These establishments, most often run directly from the cook's kitchen, typically offer unique cuisine that isn't available in local restaurants.

The Ghetto Gourmet began as a unique dining experience in a basement apartment in Oakland, CA. They are now a well-regarded and well-established company that offers a private dining experience.

Digs Bistro was a monthly restaurant run by Jesse Kupers who billed his dinners as art shows with free food just to get around the legalities.

The trend is also spreading internationally. Hidden Kitchen is set in an apartment in Paris and Zingara Cucina is Australian-based with no fixed location and a menu that changes weekly.

This is an incredible shifting trend in the world of food. People are seeking authentic, comforting and uniting dining experiences not typically found in other establishments. A culinary adventure in their own neighborhood.

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