Friday, July 13, 2007

The Happy Late Bird

Procrastinating is one of the worst things you can do, right? WRONG! Some of the most brilliant and productive people in the world are known procrastinators. Leonardo da Vinci was known as a renaissance man becuase of his ability to pursue multiple ideas and areas of inspiration. Historians have written that he was easily distracted and followed every burst of inspiration, whether or not it resulted in genius. Today he would be classified as a procrastinator, and thank goodness he was!

A Carleton University study found that nearly 70 percent of their student population said they procrastinate. But is this always as bad as it is portrayed in the media? Is there a way to harness our procrastinating into more positive and productive outlets? Can we define what areas of procrastination are helpful (creative outlets like writing, scrapbooking, etc.)?

The procrastinator is always aware of what areas he or she is avoiding. This means that goals are being set, if not always accomplished. Procrastinators are also able to compartmentalize. They know what areas are more or less important and they pursue that which they feel would be more fulfilling.

What are the benefits of procrastination? How can we procrastinate without guilt and will we ever understand why we procrastinate?

Something to think about...

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