Sunday, October 29, 2006

Comfort Zone

I live in a tiny bubble. I accept that and I really love the bubble that is my life. I have dealt with enough tragedy, heartbreak, drama and loss within my comfort zone that I don't feel the need to leave it. For one thing, every day that I am able to spend with my niece feels like a blessing. Her entrance into this world was not an easy one. She wasn't born as a healthy, pink, screaming bundle of 8lbs. She jumped into her life far too early. She weighed 2lbs and her first breath was a struggle. She was put on machines to mimic the womb, the place where she was supposed to stay long enough to grow healthy and strong. I watched machines keep her alive. I sat patiently by her enclosed crib and watched as her tiny chest filled with air. I could see her heart beat through skin as thin as a butterfly's wing. I made a promise to her that I would always be there. If that means staying in this bubble, so be it.

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