Sunday, September 24, 2006


Last night Mike came to my house around 3:30. He wanted to spend time with me before he leaves for China. Sweet, sincere and loving. We went with the whole group (Kelley’s, Hall’s and Fran) to Sunnyside Bowling Alley. I bowled a seventy-eight. Mike and Eddie were fiercely competitive. Eddie won one game and Mike won the other. If they had played one more round, my money would have been on Mike. Piper got Dora stickers from a machine. Everyone was happy. Watching Piper bowl is one of the most adorable sights to see and in my humble opinion, the girl is a natural.

We then ventured over to BJ’s for some snacks for dinner. Cold cuts, cookies, candy, cheesecake, chips. Do all comfort foods begin with the letter “C”? Mike and I came up with the ingenious idea to make a 7-layer Mexican dip. Neither of us knew how, so we headed over to Stop & Shop to see if this was plausible (or if they had a pre-made dip). They didn’t. I became a fugitive and ripped open a package of Fat Free Cream Cheese because of the promise of a recipe inside. I had no intention of purchasing the fat free version and Mike was impressed with my moxie. I think he was surprised by my “bad” side, which rarely surfaces.

By the time we got back to my house, it was 7:30. We were starving and the dip just seemed to be too difficult. Our stomachs were growling and there was no way we were stopping to read directions.

The night rolled on in a blur of food, music, football watching (by the boys) and laughter. Piper discovered my American Girl doll collection. The spark was ignited. She has years and years and years of doll playing to look forward to. I’m almost envious. Unwrapping Samantha Parkington on Christmas morning made my 9-year-old self happier than words could express! Nothing could top that feeling.

But nights like this come very close. These are the nights I live for and love. I’m at peace with my surroundings and those who inhabit my world. Isn’t this what life is supposed to be? Why fight it or question it or look for problems? Be happy in the moment and hold on to those you love. Playing Scrabble with Mike until dawn was icing on the cake. JIBE, BE & WED, who knew those words could make me laugh until my sides hurt. And the fact that he loves me even though I’m horrible at keeping score makes everything perfect.

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